Extra virgin olive oil - harvesting and processing

Our Spanish olives are harvested just before they are fully ripe, when their colour changes slightly. This is done using a special technique reserved exclusively for harvesting olives destined for oil production. The crop then undergoes a careful selection process in which loose leaves are removed, the olives are washed and their quality is checked. The blending of different olive varieties takes place under cold conditions, which shortens the extraction time. Only the highest quality batches are selected for their distinctive flavour in accordance with the strict regulations of the Priego de Córdoba Designation of Origin. The olives are milled within less than 15 hours of harvesting to fully preserve their flavours. Almazara de Muela has a unique and exclusive processing system that allows for gentle oil extraction without the addition of heat or water in order to preserve the special properties of the olive oil. Find out more about what characterises high-quality olive oil and the production process of our Venta del Baron olive oil on our blog.

Enjoy the unique flavour of Spanish olive oil and discover our products!