Homemade tricks using Olive Oil

Homemade tricks using Olive Oil

Olive oil is a culinary essential, serving as the perfect companion in the kitchen. However, its properties and benefits extend beyond the culinary realm, reaching into unconventional areas such as... home cleaning! Yes, you read that right. Have you ever imagined using this kitchen staple as part of your cleaning products? Keep reading to discover its applications and the best ways to use it:

Home Cleaning Hacks with Olive Oil

The positive effects, strengthening, and reparative properties that olive oil offers to our bodies also translate into our homes with the following tips, especially concerning one of the most commonly used elements in home construction: wood. In such cases, olive oil can act as a natural cleaner, achieving wonders with just small amounts.

  1. Restoration of Dents and Scratches: Wood is prone to scratches, even though it is robust and reliable. Surfaces often develop chips, dents, etc., detracting from their natural aesthetic. While olive oil may not perform miracles, applying a bit of this vegetable oil can help conceal these imperfections. For minor issues, it can leave the surface looking flawless.

  2. Enhancement for Kitchen Utensils: Rubbing and spreading a layer of olive oil acts as a protective coating for kitchen utensils, preventing breaks, cracks, etc., resulting from regular use or temperature changes. This technique is easily applicable to other tools, such as gardening and household tools. It is particularly useful for wood or metal and can be applied to pans to prevent sticking, providing a significantly enhanced non-stick effect. For pans, apply a few drops of oil, spread it evenly, let it sit for a few minutes, and then wipe off the excess.

  3. Use as a Polish: If you want to add more shine to your furniture, olive oil can also be your ally. Create a fantastic polish by mixing three to four tablespoons of olive oil, a generous splash of lemon juice, and three tablespoons of white vinegar. This natural polish can be used during your regular home cleaning routine by wiping it on your furniture. The shine it produces is natural, making it a highly recommended option.

  4. As a Lubricant: Olive oil is a 100% natural lubricant that can be used for various purposes, from greasing door hinges to facilitating the removal of stickers or lubricating stuck zippers. Its use is both simple and effective, offering a wide range of applications.

  5. Shoe Cleaning with Olive Oil: After discussing home and furniture cleaning, let's move on to more personal items like our everyday footwear. Create your homemade method for cleaning shoes with olive oil by lightly soaking a cloth and gently wiping your shoes, as if you were caressing them. It not only cleans but also adds shine to your shoes. If you applied too much oil, use another clean, lint-free cloth to remove the excess. Your shoes will look impeccable.

A Bonus Tip for Using Olive Oil at Home

Finally, as an extra tip, we want to share a new use for olive oil at home, but it's not related to cleaning. Instead, it pertains to health. We share this because it's a very useful trick that your skin will appreciate: using olive oil to soothe mosquito bites.

To make this trick effective, all you need to do is put a drop of olive oil on the mosquito bite, and it will start to take effect. You can also use this method for outdoor areas and surfaces, especially in humid locations. The oil will float on the surface, and mosquitoes will avoid landing on it at all costs.

Keep in mind that, in these applications, there is no difference between using regular olive oil or extra virgin olive oil. If you want to save on costs, our advice is to use regular olive oil for cleaning or fixing household issues and reserve the higher-quality oil for cooking.

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