Collection and processing

The fruits from which our oil is obtained are collected in the greening phase, with the slight change in color of the olive. Its collection is carried out with a technique reserved especially for "oleum ex albis ulivis". After this phase, the selection process takes place, in which the loose leaves are removed, washed and the quality of the olives is checked. The blending of Venta del Barón is carried out cold, reducing the extraction time. Only the most intense batches are selected for their aroma, according to the strict rules of the Priego de Córdoba Denomination of Origin. The grinding is done in less than 15 hours after harvesting to preserve all its aromas. Almazara de Muela has a unique and exclusive system that allows oil extraction without adding heat or water to the process. This is how it is possible to maintain all of the special attributes of the oil.

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