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Extra natives olive oil DOP Priego de Córdoba - 500 ml Olive oil bottle

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Discover Experience the award-winning quality of Venta del Barón olive oil, made from hand-picked Hojiblanca and Picuda olives. Our olive oil neutralizes free radicals, protects your health and gives your dishes an incomparable taste. Vegan and free of artificial additives.
Awarded as the best olive oil in the world!
Two-time winner of the Mario Solinas Quality Award
Among the top 20 at Flos Olei
✓ 30-day money-back-guarantee
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Product information

Discover the exclusive Spanish olive oil "Venta del Barón" from the protected designation of origin (DOP) Priego de Córdoba. This extra virgin olive oil is carefully made from the exquisite Hojiblanca olives (75%) and Picuda olives (25%) that grow in the sunny hills of Priego de Córdoba. With its incomparable flavour and aroma, this olive oil adds a unique touch to your dishes. The handy 500 ml bottle makes it practical and versatile to use. Experience the tradition and quality of this outstanding product, which embodies the essence of Spanish olive oil production and enriches your culinary creations.

Spanish olive oil: an unrivalled taste experience

Extra virgin olive oil from Spain is undoubtedly one of the top products on the market today. It is characterised by its low acidity and high antioxidant content. In addition, Spanish olive oil is rich in vitamin E and monounsaturated fatty acids, which are essential for a balanced Mediterranean diet. All our olive oils from Spain are made exclusively from fresh olives, which are gently cold-pressed immediately after harvesting using a special process to preserve the valuable nutrients contained in the olives.

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75% Hojiblanco | 25% Picuda | Acidity < 0,2%

Venta del Barón

Awards and Recognition

Frequently asked questions

Venta del Barón olive oil has won several international awards for its exceptional quality, incomparable taste and traditional production. It is the result of dedication and expertise in every drop.

Venta del Barón olive oil has won the prestigious Mario Solinas Quality Award twice as the best olive oil in the world and has been listed among the top 20 in the world several times by Flos Olei. Gold medals at the Los Angeles International Olive Oil Competition and awards at the London International Olive Oil Competitions underline its top quality. You can find more details about our awards on our awards page.

Made from hand-picked Hojiblanca and Picuda olives and cold-pressed, our olive oil offers an incomparable taste experience and the highest quality that will satisfy even the most demanding gourmets.

The numerous international awards confirm the premium quality of our olive oil. Each bottle reflects excellence and authentic taste, which absolutely justifies the price. This recognition strengthens our reputation and secures our position in the premium segment. Renowned chefs and head chefs also use our olive oil in their kitchens, which is an added bonus.

Spanish olive oil, especially from Andalusia, is characterized by its rich, fruity aroma and its subtle bitterness. It is produced traditionally and offers incomparable quality.

Our customers praise the intense flavor and exceptional quality. Many report that Venta del Barón olive oil takes their dishes to a new level and they appreciate the purity and fresh taste. 4.5 stars on Amazon from more than 1400 customers on Amazon share this opinion Convince yourself of the excellence and enjoy the incomparable taste of our award-winning olive oil!